The Chill Panda:
Dealing with Change in Work and Life

As the world begins to reset, a wakeup call is being sounded for a shift in our life paradigms. The old ways do not work; it’s time to learn new ways that go beyond surviving to thriving. And there’s no better time to start than today.

The story offers practical guidance to help lessen your worries and confusion. It also provides tips, ideas, and strategies that you can use immediately to change your mindset and your life.

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Julie So, Managing Director,
Wealth Management,
Deutsche Bank

“In these turbulent times of the world, we need strength and courage more than ever to face the challenges ahead of us. The Chill Panda is an intriguing book filled with wisdom and advice.

This book offers sensible advice on how to confront your fears and overcome them. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels discouraged and needs guidance.”

Peter Liddell, Partner - Asia Pacific
Head of Strategy & Operations, 
KPMG Australia

 “I personally found that this book provides the reader with a simple way of breaking down some of life’s more difficult challenges and through your story-telling.
Joseph, you have found a unique way to guide us as we think through and consider an approach to address our own issues.”


Vivienne Tam,
International Fashion Designer
Forbes magazine's “25 Top Chinese Americans in Business”

“The Chill Panda has become my spiritual guide in work and life. Reading this book every night gives me so much guidance, awareness and insights, it helps me to go through transformation during this period of difficulty and uncertainty, to rethink, regroup and recreate. I’m amazed by your wisdom.”

8 lesson for overcoming fear, stress and insecurity during unexpected time

Life is stressful, and we can never anticipate what will happen—whether it’s our jobs, relationships, health, or any aspect of our lives. There’s no better time to find inner peace than now. During rapid change, we see how various parts of our lives affect others, whether it is our careers, our businesses, or our communities.

It takes only an hour to read this simple parable, which is about the unlikely encounter and friendship between Tom and Elvis the Panda. Their conversation and wisdom will inspire you and provide you with a dose of confidence, strength, and joy, while instilling hope for a better tomorrow.

The story offers practical guidance to help lessen your worries and confusion. It also provides tips, ideas, and strategies that you can use immediately to change your mindset and your life.

If you want to invigorate your personal and professional lives with new hope and energy, now is the time to propel yourself into the next chapter in your life.

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Here’s what you will learn how to do:

  • Stay calm and centered in the face of uncertainty
  • Create the mindset and strategies to develop new opportunities
  • Take control of your mind and reach your potential for success
  • Overcome fear and develop positive frames of mind
  • Find your purpose and live your true destiny
  • Cultivate the art of mindful leadership

Dr John Demartini, 
International best-selling author of The Values Factor and author of 40 books


“A simple parable revealing a powerful way of transforming stress into a mindful state of calm and presence to make your life more empowered, creative and productive.”


Dr. Christy Wo, Founder & CEO,
Crisathena and IFUBO

"The Chill Panda allows you to open the door to wisdom easily. While we are constantly trying to satisfy our desires in life, the most important thing is to find out what you truly want, and attain inner peace. In the face of adversity, wisdom is what you need to tackle any difficult situations.”


The Honorable Hugo Llorens
Former Ambassador of the United States to Afghanistan and Honduras

“Joseph is a young man blessed with a deep humanity and sage insights into human nature. His deep understanding of the cultural and philosophical norms of East and West makes him a valuable and enlightened thought leader.”


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